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Registration for graduation, Class of XLVI

Please be informed that…

  • The Commencement Exercises is scheduled on Saturday January 12, 2019 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
  • Graduates' Seating Arrangement of Class XLVI 
  • Prior to executing an online registration for their graduation, it is compulsory for graduates to ascertain whether :
    • Requirements of the program and concentration they have chosen and declared were successfully fulfilled (in case the major and concentration they have intended to choose and successfully completed the requirements were not declared, contact the Office of Registrar at either campus to make declaration)
    • Details of their academic records in the transcript are accurate. (Note : Transcript of academic records can only be obtained after the verification of the completion of the program and concentration's requirements is finished, and their graduation status is confirmed and dated),
    • Their name and surname in the transcript are correct, as changing the said information after the confirmation of graduation status was granted is disallowed. If their name and/or surname were changed during the studies, it is necessary to ascertain that the pertinent documents concerning the change have been submitted to and that the change has been properly recorded by the Office of the University Registrar, otherwise the Office must be informed of the change, and the documents be submitted to the Office prior to the confirmation of their graduation status (the documents can be submitted at either Campuses during the office hours),
    • All the books/textbooks borrowed from the library have been returned in order to receive Library Clearance
Student Refund Policies
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Online Graduation Registration System

Job Opportunities
Additionally, Bachelor’s degree graduates are also required to verify whether :
  • Requirements of 8 Professional Ethics Seminar courses were fulfilled. In case of doubt, contact the Office of Student Affairs at St. Martin Center for Professional Ethics & Service Learning to clarify and verify the accuracy of the information (the office is on the 13th floor, CL building, Suvarnabhumi Campus, Tel 0-2723-2140 or 0-2723-2149)
  • The training and/or internship as part of the program's requirements were completed,
  • The loan clearance (applicable to graduates whose enrollments were on the University's loan), was granted by the Finalcial Assistance Division, 14th floor, CL Building, Suvarnabhumi Campus, Tel 0-2723-2277.
  • The requirements on the scholarship stipulated by the university and/or the program were completely fulfilled. In case of doubt, contact the Office of the University Registrar, SM116, Suvarnabhumi Campus, Tel 0-2723-2673.

  • Remark : All the aforementioned graduation requirements must be completed by September 14, 2018 in order for graduates to be eligible to obtain Graduation Diplomas for class XLVI and attend commencement exercise.

Office of the University Registrar
June 25, 2018

ok Commencement Exercises Class XLVI : Schedules for Rehearsals ( Group A,Group B)
Group Photograph Taking Schedule : (Schedule ,Venue )
ABAC Transportation ( Coaches ) schedule : PHOTO TAKING
Programme Commencement Exercises Class XLVI
VENUE: SUVARNABHUMI CAMPUS ( Map, Transportation to Assumption University)
Graduates' Seating Arrangement of Class XLVI 

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